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      "O yes," replied Margaret. "I am perfectly well, butI have been a little frightened.""Oh, I d?an't count thatthat's going to good earth."

      Although, from the growth of the boy thus introduced, it might be judged he was about eight years, yet there was that sparkling vivacity, and that lightness of lip and eye which belong to an earlier age; and, as the wandering glance of the dark eye, and the smile of the red lip, met De Boteler's gaze, a tumultuous throbbing in his bosom told him that the child was indeed his own.Mr Keeling regarded his wife with a faint twinkle lurking behind his gray eyes.

      "I would fight for my lord any day," muttered one; "but I don't like meddling with a priest."

      The assailants, however, were somewhat damped by a loud blast from the foreman's horn, which was instantly echoed by one of his men; and the tramping of horses in the direction of the gate increased the panic. The retainers of Sudley at length retreated more speedily than they had approached, pursued by the galleyman and Harvey, who had burst from their concealment on perceiving them enter.

      "But, for all that," Fred responded, "the others may be worse than this."


      Thanks, she said.


      We before observed that Stephen Holgrave's dwelling was situated at a short distance from the little Eastbourne; and, on the night of All-hallows fair, a quick knocking was heard at the door just after Holgrave had retired to rest. Holgrave, concluding it was some mandate from the castle, arose, and, in a surly voice, demanded who was there?


      What sum do you require? asked Keeling.